Aren’t you happy (French-English version)

Ah! Cette solitude  N’est-ce pas là Le prix qu’il te faut payer Pour des rues sûres, des villes-lumière Des cris qui parlent de bonheur Des nuits sans coups de feu

It’s all falling apart

Speed writing at the Hyster-x writing residence on August 6th, 2022

Announcement to my readers

Hi everyone. I have been publishing my poems on my personal blog for some time but I decided to share them under a different format to reach more people.

I once wrote love poems

Didn’t ask for flowers Or love songs My face plastered on your wall Or sweet nickname Along my number on your phone Didn’t ask you to love me The way I loved you


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Hi, I’m Magdalee. I am from Haiti. Currently a Master student in Belgium, I keep my love for writing alive through this blog. I love reading, watching movies, travelling and having deep conversations. Thanks for reading my blog. Spread the word(s)!

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