About me

I was born in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. I have always been a passionate reader with interests in many topics. The love of reading has fueled my desire to write. I began writing while temporarily living on the streets with my family in Port-au-Prince after the 2010’s earthquake. I wrote stories at first before trying my hand at poetry two years later thanks to the encouragements of one of my professors.

A few years after that, I began to write for one of the most famous newspapers in Haiti called “Le National”. I published articles in the culture and society rubrics. I co-ran a rubric entitled “Le Temps des Jeunes Femmes” which means The Time of Young Women talking mainly about women in the Haitian society. Later on, my story Espoirs avortés (Aborted hopes) was published in a collection. Three years later, a new story was published by Les Editions de l’Hebe in Switzerland.

I started this book in the summer of 2019 while I was living and studying in Taiwan. I wanted to share my thoughts on books, movies and TV shows. I write in both French and English. Later on, I started posting some of my other writings and I have been posting a lot of poems lately. I think I’m falling in love with poetry and want to explore this art form further. Maybe attempting spoken word poetry, who knows?

I am currently living in Ghent, Belgium and I have recently become a member of the womxn and non-binaire writers collective Hyster-x.

Just here to share some very personal writigs with kindred spirits. If something I wrote spoke to you or you just want to chat, don’t hesitate to like/comment/suscribe 😉


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