Writing challenge: Day 3

Write a story in 10 minutes

Tess fell in love that day. It came like a storm sweeping her away in its breath after years of fearing that she might never find the courage to take the leap and fall again. Because you have to fall first to be able to soar and appreciate the new skies that you reach. But her heart had been broken one too many times. By men who treated her like she was disposable. Men who wanted everything from her but yet gave back so little of themselves. Men who made plans first and only thought afterwards if at all on how she would fit in. And she let them. Until she thought that she would lose her life to it but instead lost her heart. Falling in love had been out of the books for her for so long that she had started to doubt whether she still had the muscle to pull it off. But when she saw that girl, suddenly everything felt right. It was like looking at someone with whom you share a history that goes back ages but feeling like you are discovering them for the first time. She was surprised at finding this girl so insanely beautiful. Wasn’t her nose too big? Her skin too dark? Couldn’t her body have been slimmer? But all it took was one deep, careful look to realize that these were standards that she had been spoon-fed as an unsuspecting child. These were insecurities transmitted over generations through the matrilineal line. As she fell in love with herself, she knew for sure that she was finally breaking the generational curse.

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