Writing challenge: Day 2

Three things I love about my writing

  • I love how simple yet powerful my writing can be (I have sometimes felt bad about it but came to realize that there is beauty in simplicity. And anyway, it’s my personal style and I love it)
  • I love that it can resonate with people, make them laugh, think or it can just get a conversation started
  • I love how capricious it can be (When months go by without me feeling inspired to write anything, I used to doubt whether I should get to call myself a writer. But I’m learning to appreciate that when I do write, I generally like what I write and it comes so naturally)

This one felt like bragging. But it was a nice exercise. Questions for you:

What impression you get from reading me?

What are three things that you love about your own writing?

One response to “Writing challenge: Day 2”

  1. Your creativity, ability to flow with events in un unpredictable and interesting way that makes me keep reading till the end.


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