Writing challenge:Day 1

Telling the life of an apple

I was born on a fall day
Shyly I emerged
And felt the embrace of the sun
At first, I was one
With the world around me
Green and small
I dreamt of colors, roundness and beauty
But nature took its time
Shaping me
Filling me up with all I needed
To live a life with purpose
As I watched days turning into nights
Lovers finding and losing each other
The relentless struggle of existence
I pondered over my uncertain destiny
What if I give in to the attraction pulling me down?
What if the turbulences of my world disrupt my young days?
If ever I fall
I might stay forever on the ground
Withering away
Remembering the heights I once inhabited
Or I might soon be engulfed
By another’s beastly needs
Never growing to fulfill
The prophecy written in me
They’ll feel my bitterness
Through their hearts
But If I hold on
Maturity will make me
A treasure of sweetness
Having received so much
I’ll give with generosity
I will cherish a touch
Water on my skin
Washing away my last impurities
Knowing that the sight of me is a feast
That I’ll provide nourishment
Along with a smile
On that day, I will think to myself
What an effing lucky apple I am

Magdalée Brunache

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